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Welcome to Forest Star Homes

Forest Star Homes is a renowned real estate and property development firm said by many to be the fastest growing real estate and property company in Lagos, Nigeria.   we strive in speculating and move in as developers so that investors can thrive…

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About Our Forest Star Homes


To be a flagship provider of affordable Real Estate investment in Nigeria.


To be a leading industry provider of affordable landed properties and
homes in Nigeria.

Why Choose Us

Our houses are uniquely affordable for all.

We offer flexible payment systems to easy customers needs.

We deliver properties timely and with quality.

Our Team of engineers, architects, surveyors, and other experts work day and night to make sure our clients needs are met.

What Our Clients Say

My name is Mr Charles Abona. I was looking to buy land around Ibeju lekki because of what Dangote is doing there. An agent introduced me to Forest Star Homes. They were very courteous and explained the advantage of investing in their Lincoln Park Estate. I visited the site, liked the proximity and all the advantages. So I bought. Am pleased i did. I encourage you to buy as well.

Mr Charles Abona
Lagos, Nigeria

Am Emmanuella, I work with a telecom company in Lagos. I just recently bought land from forest star homes company. I believe their Lincoln Park Estate project will be a huge success. Look at free trade zone, look at Dangote and and other projects coming around there. Most especially their Lincoln Park Estate land has excision from Lagos state government. So am glad I invested .

Ekechukwu Emmanuella
Lagos, Nigeria

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